I started the blog, So, I Hear You’re an Artist to create an online platform for artists and creatives to talk freely in a low-pressure and fun-loving environment about their artwork. The idea started when I was at work. One of the responsibilities of an Artist Assistant is to find outlets for opportunities, so that’s what I was doing. I found myself endlessly scrolling through open calls searching for opportunities to apply to, but the application fees were unreasonable to say the least ($50.00 to submit three images?!), and there was no guarantee I would receive any feedback or response. I decided that I would create an opportunity on my own to give insight into the creative life of the artist I assist, and that's how So, I Hear You're an Artist began. 

This blog features artists on all levels, emerging, mid-career and established. Whether you'd like to be featured on the blog to share with your friends on social media, use as content for your resume, or just for fun, I want to interview you! I can't wait to meet you and share your artwork and story with the world. You deserve it.